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Greene-Dreher Historical Society

Genealogy Research

Our Genealogy and Research Committee has 3 goals:

1. to assist new and seasoned genealogists in their search

2. to encourage genealogists to allow the Greene Hills of Home to print their local history and genealogy.

3. to encourage genealogists to:
   a. submit their genealogies (or their names and contact info) that we may share them
       with others searching the same names and
   b. add their "families" to our Local Genealogy

We have begun the search for genealogies on all the original settlers, and we will willingly accept the genealogies of all persons with local roots.  Our genealogy collection includes Gilpin Family, Beischer Family, Frey Family and many others.  We are always looking for more submissions and are constantly generating new family trees.

If you are interested in the Genealogy of Greene, Dreher Township and the surrounding area, please contact Ruth Altemier at 570-676-4354 or rorualt@verizon.net for more information. She would love to speak to you!

We also have information on the local area which includes the histories of La Anna, South Sterling, Greentown, Newfoundland and Promised Land.